Bryant High School Athletics



The Navy SEALS have maxim, “The only easy day was yesterday.” It emphasizes the idea of living in the moment. The mission of today presents new challenges and difficulties. They do not rest on past achievements because they believe what happened yesterday no longer counts. This in many ways echoes the mindset of our Cross Country runners for GMSD. The mental determination and toughness required to maintain a standard of performance is difficult to measure. Starting at a young age, Farmington’s Falcon as well as Dogwood’s Dolphin Cross Country teams have proven their determination this season. The FES girls team travelled to Knoxville as a group last Friday and raced with almost 300 other elementary girls on Saturday morning. Zoe Marsh, the consistent team leader, finished her mile in just 5:53 to take the third place overall. Farmington’s girls team placed first at regionals, while the boys placed second. The Dogwood boys placed first at regionals while the girls placed fourth at regionals. The FES girls team and the DES boys team both qualify for the state meet. At Houston Middle School, the cross country team has continuously proved they have what it takes to win. This season, the boys’ team placed fourth at regionals, which qualifies them for state. The girls team became regional champions, moving on to State, where the varsity team won second place and JV won first place. The 2016 girls team is headed to the National Championships on November 19! The Houston High School Cross Country team is a true model of excellence. The Boys Cross Country team has won the Region Meet 19 times and qualified for the State Finals in every one of the 24 years they have competed. Senior Chris Rayder has an opportunity to be a top 5 finisher, one of many honors he has earned this season. The Girls Cross Country team has 14 Regional Championships including last year and are currently on a 3 three streak, while qualifying for the State Finals each of the 24 years they have competed (winning State last year). The team is led this year by Junior Ella Baran and Senior Michelle Myers. “Through our success we’ve gained a lot of confidence. This season we have had the group as a whole improve instead of just the individuals at the head of the pack. I feel we have done a better job of perfecting the process it takes to be successful,” Baran said. “Every team has its own personality, and this one has met the challenges that have been put before us. We have a long line of success that we represent when we step to the startling line…that is not lost on me. It helps with the fight to know there is a standard we will be held to long after we are done,” Myers said. These are programs we take great pride in: both the success they have earned but also in the manner in which we compete.