Bryant High School Athletics



They say that sports not only teach you how to play the game at hand, but how to play the game of life. Four years ago, I was not even relatively close to the man I am today. In fact, I bet the powerball lottery that if you were to watch a day in the life of myself four years ago, and then do the same for me today, you’d never guess that that Jordan grew into this one. I’m not saying I’m the perfect person now, but I truly have come a long way. And I owe thanks to a lot of people. I want to start with my football coach Josh Oswalt — or coach Oz as we like to call him. He’s been a man of great pride and passion from the moment I watched him coach from the sidelines. When I decided to continue to play football, I was a good athlete but not the best student. I was dedicated enough at first, but he didn’t give up. He got on me and pushed me to get focused in the classroom so that I could continue to play and focus on getting better on the field. I took that encouragement and went from a strictly freshman player in preseason, to a varsity starter for some games that year. He never lost faith in me and was one of the first people to help install a good work ethnic in me and I really appreciate everything he has done for me. To me he’s like that one uncle you have that always passes on knowledge and pushes you to keep on the right path. That one uncle you see at every cookout. The next person I want to express gratitude to is actually not just one, but a whole staff. The basketball coaching staff. First, the legend himself, Coach Owens. He installed in me humility. While teaching us how to become basketball players and become a successful team, he helped shape us into young men who were trying to make it through the freshman year which is deemed the hardest year of high school. He also helped me become even more coach-able and accepting of constructive criticism than I already was. I can accept help and work to apply it to my game and I thank him for helping apply that to my life as well my game. Next I want to express gratitude to my varsity coaching staff. I’ve had the pleasure of being taught and coached by a team of Carlisle greats whose impact has helped shape our basketball team into a program. Coach Jordan Stasyszyn, who passes on wisdom and expertise when people need it. He also pushed us to work to become better basketball players and he leads by example while also being a vocal leader. Coach Lehman, who’s not always the most vocal but has an IQ for the game that you must respect. He took over for the JV team and helped them be successful when coach Stas had to step down. Advertisement (1 of 1): 0:22 Coach Heavy, who, to me and I’m sure to everyone else, is the heart and soul of the program. He is the most passionate about everything he does because he deals with so much that doesn’t allow him to do what we can. He looks after everyone, he offers his time and effort to whoever needs it no matter when it is, he works with kids to help them be better people, he makes the effort to be with us as much as he can and he would give anything to make sure that we make it out into the world being the best we can be and only getting better. He’s the big brother that everyone needs and looks up to. I truly am thankful that you were apart of my life Heavy, thank you for everything. And I will call you in a week or two to get back to work like you said. Coach Gordo, who has been another one who has only seen good things and pushed me to be better everyday. I think he’s been the hardest on me besides my dad because he knew what I had in me. Everyday he told me what he knew I could do and what I needed to do to achieve the goals he knew I could reach. Even though I make him upset a lot and he yells at me, I know he only wants what’s best and will go to great lengths for me. I’m honored to have been coached by you coach. And Coach Andre who’s at the head of the staff. You’ve believed in me since I started playing for you — you’ve always been behind me and putting me in positions where I could give it my all. You got on me when I needed it and you pushed me to be better as well. You continue to help me move on the the next level and you are a big part of who I am today. All of you — I truly am thankful and am blessed that I was apart of the special thing you guys created. Next I would like to thank some teachers who really helped me through my career. My freshman History teacher Mr. Ran and my Geoenvironmental teacher Mr. Spicer, who saw the potential I had and worked with me throughout the year to be better than I was showing. They never gave up on me and when I finally put out my best effort, and it showed in the last marking period, they shook my hand and told me, “I’m so proud of you, you turned yourself around and I knew you could do it.” I will never forget those words. Thank you both. I want to thank my family who always supports whatever I do. My dad who is my role model and my mother who is my rock.